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Sprouts Farmers Market


Many people are making a real effort to eat healthier these days. However, it can sometimes be difficult to do so at a typical grocery store, largely because as the consumer, you don’t necessarily know where the products you purchase are coming from or what they have been exposed to, either during the growing process or while en-route to the supermarket. As a result, Sprouts is a grocery store that is trying to combat all of these things, thereby allowing their customers to make healthier purchases.

Who Are They?

Sprouts is a chain of grocery stores that prides itself on featuring healthier options than most other supermarkets. The chain is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, but it has multiple locations in several states. Despite the fact that the business is headquartered in Phoenix, the chain actually got its start with a farmers market fruit stand in San Diego, California.

Where Are They Located?

Currently, the chain has more than 200 stores in States like Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. Plans are underway to open even more stores later this year. Individuals who live near one of these stores have the opportunity to take full advantage of the products offered at Sprouts. This makes it easy to get top quality food without forcing customers to go to some of the more expensive stores that carry similar products.

What Is Their Mission?

The store has long prided itself on making quality, healthy food affordable. In fact, the chain is so proud of its ability to provide high-quality produce to its customers that it has made this its central theme. Upon walking into the store, you might think that you are in a very large farmers market. That is not by accident, but instead by design. The developers of Sprouts want people to feel like they are indeed shopping in an enclosed farmers market and as such, their stores are actually much smaller than most of the sprawling supermarkets that are so popular today. Of course, this means that they are not able to offer quite as much diversity when it comes to product selection, but they make up for it by offering superior products in almost every instance.

What Is It Like to Shop at Sprouts?

Upon entering the store, you have the opportunity to choose from fresh and even organic produce that is grown locally as opposed to being trucked in from another state or even another country. This gives you the chance to choose produce that is fresher and it puts you in charge as the customer so you can make better decisions for your own health. The store also offers similar options when it comes to meet, fresh seafood and even items like baby food and pet products. The idea behind it is to give consumers an opportunity to eat healthier without it costing so much that the entire idea of doing so becomes unappealing. As a result, Sprouts has worked diligently to ensure that individuals can afford to shop at their store without spending more money than they would expect to spend at any other quality supermarket.

Is Sprouts Really Different?

Surprisingly, the story is quite different from anything else that is available. Other supermarkets either have a tendency to offer products that are inferior or they are sold at price points that are beyond the reach of many everyday consumers. Other specialty stores that pride themselves on selling organic products are often so expensive that it is virtually impossible for someone making an average wage to shop there. Sprouts gives people an opportunity to have more choices when it comes to the way they spend their money on groceries. Because of that fact alone, the store is definitely worth checking out. There is a good chance that after you shop there, you really won’t want to go anywhere else again.


Without a doubt, shopping at Sprouts is a unique and pleasant experience. The store has been doing business for several years and even though it only recently started opening in some of its more recent locations, the store is already taking hold in virtually every place in which it has opened. If you really stop and think about it, the sheer number of stores that are open is a testament to its success. If you want a shopping experience that is different, complete with less hassle and the ability to find better products at lower prices, this just might be the place that you have been looking for all along.

June 25, 2016 |

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