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5 Most Expensive Grocery & Gourmet Food Items You Can Buy


Ever wondered what the most expensive food items are? We’ve done our research through Amazon and you’ll be surprised how expensive these can be. We’ve sifted through all the listings on Amazon, filtered out the ones that seem to be more of a mistake than the real price, and here’s the verdict.

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#1: $8,390 – Survival Cave Food Canned Meat Pallet (56 Cases, 672 Cans, 6048 Servings) (Ground Beef)

56 Cases of Fresh Ground Beef, 12 28 Oz Cans Per Case Survival Cave Food long-term canned meats are probably the very best investments you could possibly make. These high superior meats are low-priced and will last for years as well as enable you to make your very best investment that’s possible. The amount of time will this canned meat last? They’re slow pressure cooked with a very low 240 degrees and also have NO EXPIRATION date. Each 28 oz can provides 9 servings of fully cooked, tender meats. What’s the secret? Every cut of meat is hand selected, non-mechanically separated and hand packed for a optimal meats. Survivalcavefood brand emergency foods canned meats are slow pressure cooked at a low 240 degrees which allows for tender, juicy meats that will last for 12-15 years, although some say it can last as long as 30-35 years!

#2: $7,321 – Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar Malossol – 4 lb (1800 g)

Harvested in the Caspian and Black Seas and imported following strict quality control guidelines, this superb Osetra caviar is characterized by the larger, clear and glossy eggs with a color that is more intensely yellow than any other Osetras. This is certainly for the connoisseur and those who appreciate the finest things in life.





#3: $4,500 – 1960’s Guang Yun Beeng Cha Pu-erh Tea – 350g – High End Pu-erh Teas

This old cake is made from leaves from Yunnan that were brought to Guang Dong Province for processing. This practice continued into the 1990’s and produced a sought after and collected series of green Pu-erh’s. This cake is 40+ years old and had lost all the scent of tea. This shows good aging in a good environment. This tea is similar to the famous Blue label editions of the 1950’s. The taste is light and the brew is amber brown and almost sparkles. The leaves come from the Dai district (where the Blue label was also picked). There are no wrappers on this tea, as they were produced with no wrappers, only the inner label with the well known tea TM. Made from 3-4 grade leaves which exhibit a deep brown color, even after many steeps. Weighs about 340 g and makes about 75 servings of this coveted tea.

#4: $3,999 – 100% A5 Grade Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef, Filet Mignon,Whole Piece, 20 Pound

100% authentic pure Japanese Kuroge breed A5 grade Wagyu Filet Mignon with high-marbled texture. Loco Steaks’ special selection ensure perfectly marbled texture delivers the most mouth watering softness that will instantly melting in you mouth as you wanted. The Kuroge breed Wagyu cattle are humanely-raised with special care on grass for 30 months. Wagyu cattle are fed over 600 days on a natural diet including wheat, rice, corn, barley and other wholesome foods that build breed’s natural propensity to exquisite and abundant marbling. A stress-free environment and massage for muscle stimulation are all part of the pampering that the cattle receive. Strict protocols from birth to export ensure beef of unsurpassed quality. The unique Japanese grading system judges beef on several criteria, and guarantees that the highest standards are met with each piece of beef.

#5: $1,000 – Parmigiano Reggiano – Full Wheel 82 Lbs -First Quality Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano-Reggiano is a completely natural cheese, which is famous worldwide as the “King of Cheeses” owing to its unique production, nutritional and organoleptic features. Its production is governed by a strict Standard, registered with the European Community, because Parmigiano-Reggiano is a cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), i.e. a product that, based on its distinctive characteristics and its tie to the area of origin, is safeguarded by a system provided by the EU to protect consumers and producers alike.




That’s it! Who would be buying these kind of items, right? Either companies with the goal of reselling in smaller sizes or some crazy people!

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