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How to Coupon

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Finding and utilizing coupons for purchases is often suggested, but only a small percentage of the population of this country opts to take this suggestion into consideration. Opting to use coupons is definitely a saving strategy that can help you and your family in different aspects. Couponing can help families save several dollars in purchases and help them obtain products for free. Since coupons help reduce the amount of money you pay for household items, clothes, electronics, food, and etc., this permits you to save money for holidays, education, and/or other special purchases. You just have to know where to find them. Contrary to popular belief, couponing is easy and worthwhile coupons can easily be found.

Top Strategies That Make Couponing a Piece of Cake

1.) Sunday Newspaper, and Magazines

Magazines and newspapers are the ideal sources for those individuals who are trying to figure out how to coupon.
One of the best sources to find coupons is in the Sunday newspaper. Newspapers tend to carry several coupons, as companies are always finding the best ways to promote their business and thus they often turn to newspapers. Newspapers are still read by millions of individuals across the country, which means that companies still highly promote in them just as much as before the tablet came into the picture of technology. Magazines aimed at women, such as All You, Family Circle, All You, America, and Woman’s Day, frequently contain a variety of different coupons as well.
The only difference between the coupons in magazines and newspapers is that the ones in magazines are easier to cut out.


2.) Be on the Lookout for New Products

In different stores, such as Walmart, when a product is new on the market, manufacturers offer coupons for them. They often attach the coupon to the box. This type of action is highly performed in cosmetics. In Walmart, one can easily see coupons pasted on cosmetic products.

3.) Loyalty Cards

If you are the type of individual who doesn’t like to be cutting out coupons from newspapers, you can opt to attain a loyalty card. For those of you who are not aware, a loyal card is often offered in many supermarkets across the nation. This type of cards offers digital discounts and thus a printer or scissors are not required.

4.) What about Facebook?

Facebook has become a good source for coupons as well. Many manufacturers use this service to offer discounts; therefore, always be on the lookout for what the page of your favorite online store(s) posts on its wall.

5.) Printable Coupons

There are many online sites that offer printable coupons, but some of them are worth your time more than others, such as Coupon Insanity. This particular website has been proven to be the best friend of printers. and the rest like,,,, and

6.) Complete Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are often offered in many stores, such as JCPenney. When you purchase something in this store or in any other store, make sure to read what the receipts states, as sometimes there is a small message with a code that is inviting you to undertake a survey online in order to receive a 10-15% discount on your next purchase. This is definitely worth a few minutes out of your time. The back of the receipts in Walmart often come with coupons that you can utilize in the beauty shop franchise that can be found in Walmart super centers.

7.) Shop Online

Most physical coupons come with a code so that you can utilize them online as well, but if you plan to shop online at the last minute, don’t forget to visit beforehand. This online site has become well-known for carrying the latest Internet coupons.

8.) Write to Companies

When you experience dissatisfaction with any of the products you purchase, with a coupon or not, write to the company to express what you are feeling. If you do, some companies will send you packets of coupons, as you are helping them to better their service.
Jump on the Coupon Wagon

If you take the previously mentioned tips into consideration, you will be on your way to being a coupon expert and saving meaningful sums of money whenever you opt to go to stores. Always remember to check the expiration date on them so that you never waste your time.

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